Aarklash: The Fantasy World of Rackham

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Aarklash is a continent on an as-yet unnamed world. It is the setting for all of Rackham's fantasy-style games, including Confrontation, Cadwallon, Hybrid and Rag'narok. It is known that there are other continents on this world (the race of men is not indiginous to Aarklash but a continent called Kel), though no race on Aarklash currently has the seafaring capabilities to reach them.

Aarklash is currently heading to the end of its current age, and into the time of the Rag'narok. Events are happening across the continent that signal that a change is coming.


The Gods

Time, the scourge of the Gods



The Elements

Mana Gems and Voyagers



The Ways of Light

The Kingdom of Alahan (Lions)
The Empire of Akkylannia (Griffins)
The Republic of Lanever (Cynwall Elves)
The Barbarians of Avagddu (Sessair Kelts)
The Utopia of the Sphinx

The Paths of Destiny

The Defenders of Tir-Na-Bor (Dwarves)
The Disciples of the Beast (Devourers)
The Bran-O-Kor Braves (Orcs)
The No-Dan-Kar Rats (Goblins)
The Quithrayan Guardians (Daikinee Elves)
The Childern of Yllia (Wolfen)

The Meanders of Darkness

The Possessed of the Abyss (Mid-Nor)
The Limbo of Acheron (Undead)
The Empire of Syharhalna (Alchemists of Dirz, Scorpions)
The Web of Ashinan (Akkyshan Elves)
The Seers of Caer-Maed (Drune Kelts)
The Ophidian Alliance


The Age of Battles The Age of Rebirth The Golden Age The Age of Steel The Age of Darkness